About the course
Christian Schweitzer and Missionary Association has been promoting chaplaincy care course since 2010, we have received instructions and corrections from many senior scholars, as well as experiences from various experts & frontline workers.

It’s a journey full of grace. Now there are 187 people who acquired certificate of Christian and Catholic Chaplaincy Care, and dedicated themselves at hospitals, communities, churches, nursing homes…etc. to use the knowledge and skills they have learned about chaplaincy care.

We can’t open class for COVID19 limitations, however, facing the class invitations all over Taiwan, after meetings, we decided to collect the video of teaching classes to edit 28-hour online course which in accordance with “National Program of Training and Promotion of Chaplaincy and Hospice Care " by HPA. Thanks to all selfless support from participated teachers, and who setup online learning platform and post-production of learning video. They are heroes who overcome various difficulties to complete is unique mission!

This online course is expected to meet the needs of learning enthusiasm during the epidemic!
About us
“Schweitzer Christian Mission Foundation” is founded by Dr. Jeng-Fong Chiu in 2000, grouped healthcare professionals who have passions of serving life. The vision is to establish a spiritual home for critical patients and their families.

After 20 years training effort, now the chaplaincy care service includes volunteer training in hospital care, patient association, encounter group, chaplain training, and chaplain supervisor training. In addition, to expand the lives of critical patients, CSAMA built an organic vegetable garden, Bing-Shang Theater, and patient cafe. We develop different aspect of critical patient care, and re-education workshop to deliver human care to the most needed under the rapid changing circumstance.
Due to the pressing need of chaplaincy care, we have combined 20-year experience of frontline service with many studies of scholars, frontline workers, doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists…etc. and launched the training course of chaplaincy care in 2011. This course opened island-wide and led trainees to field work at hospitals, which is over 5000 people have taken this training course these years. 500 trainees passed their internship and 187 of them acquire certificates of Catholic & Christian Chaplain in 2016 and 2019. The greatest mission we believe is to accompany dying patients and their families to get spiritual peace.

We have been promoting Chaplaincy Care these years and seen the effective result. Many chaplains work with the care of hospice ward. Our members served at 60 hospitals and local medical centers, which covers 80% of national hospice wards! If the hospice and chaplaincy care is to expand to all nursing homes and community care center, we will need more chaplains join this service.
Gratitude dedicated to those models who provided us precious experience and learning, like Professor Ke-Shi Chao, Professor Enoch Y. L. Lai, Dr. Rong-Ji Chen, Dr. Yu-Zheng Yang, and Pastor Jin-Zai Chen…etc. There are also many experts who devoted themselves to edit and promote this course, like Professor Ping-Hwa Chen, Pastor Bao-Ling Jiang, Pastor Da-Qing Chu, Associate Professor Yue-Ting Lee, Associate Professor Rui-Zhi Hu, Associate Professor Li-Hui Huang, Rev. Amos Wang, Sister Tai-Hua Shi, Sister Su-Zhen Li, and Dr. Sen-Qi Wu…etc. Surely there are more people who assist and support this service behind the scenes. All these people participated and accomplished this valuable and meaningful work! Facing the urging need of chaplaincy care, we certainly keep going on this service. Thanks to everyone who participated this work, and we have seen God’s blessing and making the way for all the years we stand on our vision. We love Taiwan, moreover, we pray that Taiwan can evolve into chaplaincy care under humanity cultivation, in order to promote chaplaincy care together to all communities in Taiwan, and eventually achieve our ideal of building a real “Compassionate City”!
Physician/Professor Jeng-Fong Chiu
Schweitzer Christian Mission Foundation  Chairman